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The following examples illustrate how photonics technology and Psychothotonix℠ FX can be used to develop scripts integrated with the appropriate technology to create truly immersive, powerful entertainment experiences:

Crime drama themes and scripts (1009)

Imagine that, in a crime drama movie – like NCIS – a terrorist (who is a master mind beyond the USA scientists in bio-warfare) creates a bizarre biochemical agent that he introduces into the water system. He accomplishes this by tapping into a large piping system (making a Nano size crack in the pipe) below the earth with a special tool and injecting this killer agent into this crack in the pipe. The USA special task force must work with laser scientists to develop a quick solution to find the crack, seal it, and mine out the chemical agent.

Crime drama theme (986)

A North Korean cyberterrorist group invents advanced quantum cryptography techniques that can break down any USA security wall ….  

Quantum Relativity Themes (1-100)

The 𝒊 Movies book introduced: the fictional force (called a U* force in the book) “beyond quantum mechanics”, the real force that causes time to slow down/lengths to shrink up, the fictional hole in the space-time universe (a cognitive connection to a parallel universe) and the U* forces that create “other universes”, and many other special effects based on quantum and relativity theory and technologies like: Lidar, hyperspectral imaging, biometric spectrometers

Sports Theme (tool 101 for scene 101): In order to properly create this golf ball trajectory scene, or any type of trajectory effect, in a movie the team experts must know the differential geometry/wave equations necessary to fit the type of trajectory as well as the correct use of lasers.


There are endless sets of real physics equations that can be transformed into special effects in any type of movie! To create these effects, one must have mastered the advanced concepts of these equations and technologies, as it is necessary to be able to properly transform these into special effects. That is, the equations and their related experiments or technologies are typically not connected to any type of special effect and it thus takes this specialized knowledge to be effective.  In addition, most scientists who specialize in a physics (which have a related set of equations) would not have the interest, nor the technical or business ability to transform their equations into special effects. 

The following is a partial list of lasers and electro-optics-based physics equation categories and related technologies that can be transformed into special effects for movies (either as physics or 𝒊physics (modified fictional effects). Many of these effects are created in a laser-based lab, and/or, mathematical modeling and transferred to a movie computer automation laboratory for modifications. 

Lasers: Continuous wave lasers, diode pumped lasers, optical parametric lasers, sum and difference frequency lasers, hyperspectral lasers, lidar lasers, quantum cascade lasers…… across the laser spectrum 

Electro-optical/laser-based systems: Lidar hyperspectral, IR, Visible, X ray, biomedical spectrometers, metrology and machine vision …

Nonlinear (classical and quantum) laser matter interactions: Coupled mode dynamics; atom field interaction in dual state quantum systems; mixtures and density operators; homogenous laser action, Doppler laser effects; optical bi-stability; saturation spectroscopy (coherent dips and dynamic stark effects, in homogeneously broadened media); three and four wave mixing, phase conjugation: light forces, atomic diffraction, laser tweezers, laser fountains, laser cloaks, solitons, quantum bit action; lase field quantization, coherence of laser fields, interaction between laser fields atoms and or gravitational fields, laser system reservoir interactions; quantum cryptography 

Relativity, General Relativity (classical and quantum based): differential manifolds, hypersurfaces, time like curves, conjugate based space-time manifolds, Makowski/De Sitter/Robertson Walker…space time manifolds; causal boundaries of space-time; Einstein equations with matter; space-time singularities; stellar collapse, black holes, initial singularities of the universe; parallel universes ….

Psychophysical laser and relativity based: philosophy models of perception, relativity and quantum mechanics; quantum decision/cognitive states; laser speckle holography; the science of color vision and perception.

There are an infinite number of applications of Photonics and Psychothotonix℠ which can be used to enhance the entertainment experience and ultimately lead to a higher probability of creating the truly immersive experience, that leads to the evolution of a mega-franchise.  We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your current projects and explain the value added proposition that the I* movie methodology can deliver.