I* Advanced Technology Special FX

Current Projects

Time Smith TetrastatumPsychothotonix℠ is a new field of image creation and interpretation invented by Dr. Richard in his PhD dissertations.  Dr. Richard has developed internationally award-winning related products and applications in many industries including: defense, biomedical and entertainment.   Psychothotonix℠ technology is the driving force behind Dr. Richard’s most recent entertainment project, the fictional novel “Tetrastatum” co-authored by Marcus Rodriguez. Dr. Richard believes that the new proposed space-time paradigm and field of Psychothotonix℠ have significant philosophical and societal implications that should be available to everyone, not just academia.   He is undertaking the project to explain the theory in an easy understandable format combining metaphysics and science to present concepts that are accessible to anyone desirous of a better understanding of the universe we live in.  The novel is written in the genre of  “Hallucinatory Realism” merging mythology, history and contemporary events while exploring the  essence of reality by applying extended physics.  Dr. Richard describes in the detailed appendices –a systems model, math model and movie special FX model that are integral to the conceptual construct and illustrated by example throughout the book.

The Systems Model - expands typical photonics image processing methods to include Psychothotonix℠ imaging methods in various application areas including: hyperspectral, quantum optical, light scattering, computer generated, psychophysical, non-linear laser speckle interferometry/holographic and movie special effects. It is geared for advanced technology experts to bolster their thinking about new innovative applications.

The Mathematical Model - expands upon the logic of the modulation transfer function and quantum mechanics to unravel the conundrum of duality (for the first time in history) which Dr. Richard has termed the Duality space-time for physical and psychophysical observables.”  It is written for advanced technology experts who want to learn alternative ways to describe quantum physics and laser and electro-optical measurement techniques.

The Movie Special Effects Model - expands upon current day methods used in in the movie industry to create advanced technology scenes to immerse the audience into new “universes” using I* methodology.  Fictional effect examples include: Matter-non-matter/7 dimensional holographic universes; thotonic time travel with crystal balls and non-mater tunnels linking and infinite number of mini big bang universes instantaneously; the cosmic duality image processor that can master mind the crystal ball travel; light matter space time fountains using slow laser light; virtual non-mater quantum relativistic particle/antiparticle creation and annihilation. Non-fictional examples include: object trajectories using laser driven cameras to illuminate the travel in space-time and display different physics solutions like time of flight, forces of impact, and uncertainties in performance. It is geared for the general public to enhance their knowledge of physics in new and interesting ways as well as provide maximum entertainment stimulation.